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How to redact PDF documents

Maintaining confidentiality in business documents is something that people in different fields and positions should be worried about.

If documents are used internally by a company or organization, then there is no need to hide any data. But when the …

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Split PDF into multiple pages

When you get a multi-page PDF document that contains two or more logical documents, such as an agreement and an annex, or pages of different documents have been scanned into one file, or you have annual reports up to the …

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Merge multiple JPEG images into single JPEG image

In many cases, you may need to merge multiple JPEG images into single JPEG image. For example, combining two documents photos or combining parts of panorama photos, etc.
The usual way to do this is to use an image editing …

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How to merge JPEG files into single PDF document

Very often users are faced with a situation when they need to merge JPEG images into single PDFs. It happened when the documents scanned or received by e-mail need to be stored. Typically, a document management system uses the PDF …

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Save your Microsoft Project Web App project as a local *.mpp file using Aspose.Tasks web application

Recently Aspose has released a free online application that allows downloading Microsoft Project files (*.mpp) from Project Web App (a.k.a. MS Project Online) hosted by SharePoint.

In order to use this application, you need to perform the following actions: …

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What products we offer for Free!

Available Fleet of Applications

We have created App product families according to a particular file format. Specified below you will find details regarding Apps pertinent to major files formats that we come across during our daily routine tasks.

MS Word

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Free Online Document Processing Apps

Every story, every chapter starts with a word. A word has the power to explain the whole chapter or a book, and we do believe in the power of words. A statement is comprised of many words and the statements …

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An overview of the products

product overview
You will find conversion, viewer and other tools for a variety of file formats. To serve you better, we have organized all the features into different product families. It is easier to navigate and find the desired app this way.…
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Free online conversion, viewer apps for Microsoft Office, PDF and other file formats

Free File Format Apps - Free file format apps


We believe that doing simple operations with a file, like conversion and online viewer, should be free. And easy to use, without any clutter (Ads and sales stuff). So we built a bunch of…
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