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Aspose.Imaging Applications v22.52 release notes

Aspose.Imaging Applications v22.52 release notes

January 24, 2022
Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

We are pleased to announce a new version of Aspose.Imaging Applications v22.52 has been published.

Here is a brief description of new features and updates that this release brings:

  • Improved usability of some Imaging apps
  • Improved image processing issues descriptions
  • Updated Aspose.Imaging package ref. to v22.12

Release notes history:


  • Load balancing between microservices
  • Improved memory management
  • Fixed problem with DNS resolving




  • Improved translation quality for Irish, Croatian, Icelandic, Kurdish, Latvian, Hungarian, Malay, Norsk, Romania, Slovak, Slovene, Finn, Swedish, Greek, Bulgarian and Javanese;
  • Created a new alternate design for the Merger app.



  • Supported 29 more languages on Aspose.Imaging app pages;
  • Optimized performance when working with user files;
  • Optimized the logic for creating bug posts on the forum. Some known restrictions will not be posted to the forum as bugs.


  • Updated the Aspose.Imaging package ref. to v22.03 and the corresponding improvements are supported in all Aspose.Imaging applications;
  • Fixed a workflow bug in the Merge application, resulting in the possibility of a multi-page merge into a single-page output format;
  • Increased the fault tolerance of Imaging apps API for out-of-memory errors.


  • Improved the appearance of pages in the Conversion app;
  • Optimized polling of operation status requests;
  • A widget for the Conversion application has been created, which can be embedded on any page.



  • Made several significant SEO improvements to all Aspose.Imaging app pages;
  • Fixed the “Output format is not supported…” error in the Animated PNG Maker app;
  • Forbidden sending errors like “image file format may not supported…” to the forum in the Object Detection app.


2021 version history

2020 version history

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