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2021 Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

2021 Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

January 25, 2021
Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

We are pleased to announce that a new version of Aspose.Imaging Applications v.21.52 has been published.

Here is a brief description of new features and updates that this release brings:

  • Introduced new Photo Filter application designed which supports image filtering operations such as blur, exposure, sharpness, embossing, grayscale, etc.

Release notes history:

v. 21.51

  • Supported additional 14 locales in all Aspose.Imaging applications: Arabic, Farsi, Italian, French, Thai, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Dutch, Lithuanian, Urdu and Chinese Traditional;
  • Created a Viewer widget that is embedded in pages.

v. 21.49

v. 21.47

v. 21.45

  • Introduced new Image Editor application designed which supports editing operations such as Crop, Resize, Rotate and Flip, as well as various filters. Allows you to edit both single-page and multi-page bitmaps.

v. 21.41

v. 21.39

v. 21.37

  • Updated the Aspose.Imaging package ref. to v21.09 and the corresponding improvements are supported in all Aspose.Imaging applications;
  • Automatic error messages on the forum have become more informative, for the convenience of finding the cause of possible errors;
  • Fixed a minor bug related to the availability of the “MERGER” button during a merge operation in the Merger application.

v. 21.35

  • Introduced sequential image processing for all Aspose.Imaging applications. Now you can transfer results from one application to another, without the need for intermediate saving to your device;
  • Significantly speed up the Remove Background app.

v. 21.33

v. 21.31

  • Added filenames to forum bug posts;
  • Introduced semantic HTML tags into apps pages;
  • Limited an image size when exporting from vector to bitmap formats;

v. 21.29

v. 21.27

v. 21.25

v. 21.23

  • Introduced new Remove Background application that provides a handy tool to remove the background from any image;
  • The backend of Resize Image app has been migrated to a more reliable platform;
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements;

v. 21.21

v. 21.19

  • The backend of Deskew Image app has been migrated to a more reliable platform;
  • Fixed a bug in progress indicator in Image Compress app.

v. 21.17

  • Localization supported for all Aspose.Imaging applications. Supported locales: Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese, Hindi and Urdu;
  • The backend of Object Detection and Watermark apps has been migrated to a more reliable platform;
  • Fixed a bug with processing files whose names contain problematic characters in Image Compress app.

v. 21.15

v. 21.13

v. 21.11

v. 21.09

  • We have introduced a new Photo Collage Maker application, which allows you to create photo collages. Just select several pictures, Photo Collage Maker instantly remix them into cool photo collage. You can pick layout you like best. You also can quickly and easily merge two or more photos, combine it with images and pictures.
  • We have introduced a new Photo Book Maker application, which allows you to combine your photos into PDF or other popular composite format.
  • Changed the appearance of the panel of other applications for wide screens for easier navigation.
  • Fixed internal file blocking bug in Conversion app.
  • Fixed a bug when preparing marker points in edit mode in Change Background app.

v. 21.08

  • Error2Forum dialog is integrated into all applications at the stage of uploading image files.
  • In Conversion and Watermark apps, thumbnails of images of uploaded user files have been added, which are displayed in the file tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug in Image Viewer application that allowed uploading files by drag and drop, ignoring the filter of valid file extensions.

v. 21.07

v. 21.05

  • We have introduced a new Change Background application, which allows you to quickly remove or change the background in your images or photos;
  • Added terms of Service Notice to all applications;
  • Increased the reliability of the Conversion application by moving it to a separate server.

v. 21.03

  • Supported DICOM compression options in Image Compress app;
  • Added a section with user reviews to the Conversion app pages;
  • Added the GOTO TOP button to the app pages;
  • Fixed some styling issues for mobile devices.

2020 version history

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