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2020 Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

2020 Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

December 18, 2020
Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

Release notes history:

v. 20.53

  • We have introduced a new Deskew application, which allows quickly deskew scanned text images.
  • Improved UX for Compress Image application: after changing the compression format, the compression operation is performed automatically
  • All dropdown widgets now have the ability to filter and select using the keyboard.

v. 20.52

v. 20.51

  • Fonts and icons are changed to a more modern version
  • Other minor improvements and bugs fixes

v. 20.50

  • Page loading performance has been improved by 15%
  • Supported interruption of long running operations
  • Object detection and reverse image search menu links are fixed
  • We got rid of 404 errors in Rotate and Flip image application

v. 20.49

  • We have significantly increased the reliability of large images processing.
  • We have slightly adjusted pages design for better user experience.
  • Minor improvements and bugs fixes.

v. 20.48

  • We have introduced a new Merger application, which allows to compose multiple images into a single one.
  • TGA image format support added to all Aspose.Imaging applications.

v. 20.47

  • We have added EPS format support to all Aspose.Imaging applications.
  • Bugs fixes and minor improvements.

v. 20.46

  • Aspose.Imaging Applications version number is now displayed on an application page. To see it, hover your mouse over the imaging logo.

v. 20.45

  • Bugs fixes and minor UI improvements.

v. 20.44

  • We have introduced a new “Error-to-forum” feature, which allows users to post arising error message to a company forum.

v. 20.43

  • We have done some performance optimization: application pages load time is significantly less then in the previous version.
  • Minor UI changes: labels are now absent from preview images.
  • Support of native export raster – HTML5 Canvas added.
  • Following bugs fixed:
    • Error occurred when exporting BMP to PNG.
    • Incorrect output format when exporting EMF to PNG.
    • GIF to PNG export added transparent areas when not needed.
    • Raster images exported to Html5 Canvas with the wrong scale.
    • Error occurred when exporting JPEG YCbCr to PNG Grayscale.
    • Incorrect results of exporting a raster image to metafiles.
    • Error occurred when exporting images of several vector types.
    • Alpha channel was not taken into account when exporting PSD image.

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