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Aspose.Imaging Applications v23.49 release notes

Aspose.Imaging Applications v23.49 release notes

January 19, 2023
Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

We are pleased to announce a new version of Aspose.Imaging Applications v23.49 has been published.

Here is a brief description of the new features and updates that this release brings:

  • Implemented image split application
  • Support uploaded file size limits in Imaging apps
  • Improve Imaging apps stability and logging

Release notes history:


  • Migrated to net7
  • Updated Imaging library to v23.8
  • Improved stability (migrated to win2022 cluster)
  • Fixed some issues in resize and conversion apps


  • Switch to GA4 Tracking at
  • Add trailing slash to the links to the
  • Support opening images with escape symbols in path in Animation Maker app


  • Review and remove references to other aspose products APIs


  • Fixed Amination maker issues
  • Fixed GIF Remove background issue


  • Updated license


  • Enhanced Png compression
  • Supported Norwegian locale
  • Improved web pages structure
  • Fixed some image format conversion issues


  • Updated Google Drive authentication client API
  • Fixed issues in imaging app widgets
  • Increased imaging microservices uptime


  • Improved  apps stability on Windows nodes
  • Added progress indication for loading preview images in Imaging Apps
  • Added correct message in case of invalid Url for Reverse image search app

2022 version history

2021 version history

2020 version history

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