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4 Steps to Create a Restaurant Menu in PowerPoint

March 27, 2022

If you are looking to open a new restaurant, you probably know the importance of having an attractive, well-detailed, and effective menu design.

Menus are key to any retail or service business—customers need to know what exactly you are serving. When they don’t understand what you are offering, they are unlikely to make orders.  

By the time you are done reading this article, you will have learned how to create an attractive restaurant menu in PowerPoint.

Step 1: Plan the menu items

Plan the food items you want to add to your menu. We recommend you gather a simple list of dishes (especially the most popular ones) and arrange them in the order they should appear. By selecting a simple menu, you are ensuring your customers find what they like quickly to make orders.

Ideally, you should divide your menu offerings into categories. For example, you can have categories for soups, salad, pasta, desserts, drinks, alcohol, etc.

You also have to determine the price for each menu item. Your pricing has to be consistent—you may want to follow some kind of rule.

Step 2: Choose a beautiful template

A menu serves one major purpose—it presents the food you have to offer in a pleasant manner. The ideal template is somewhat related to the kind of dishes or food—fresh food, organic, etc.—served in your restaurant.

The creation process for a menu does not have to be difficult or cumbersome. At this stage, we strongly recommend you select a built-in PowerPoint template because it will make things a whole lot easier.

For example, you can keep things simple by using a legible template like this:

Legible restaurant menu

Or you can use a more expressive template like this:

Expressive restaurant menu template

Step 3: Edit the relevant fields

It is time you added the relevant menu items based on the plans you made in Step 1. Write the names for the menu items, set the correct prices, arrange the items in the right order, etc.

Edit restaurant menu

You will also do well to add your restaurant logo to your menu. To access options that allow you to add images, go to the Insert tab and then click Pictures.

Step 4: Print your menu

Before you print your menu, we strongly recommend you go through the placements for menu items again. Check and confirm that the flow for header and menu categories is consistent. For example, if your menu in a certain category continues on the second slide, you have to use a strong label on that slide. In that case, you have to set your printer to print on the front and back on the same page.

Ideally, you should avoid starting a menu section on one slide and then continuing it on another slide—your customers may not always realize that the menu items continue on the second page (of your printer menu).

Once you finish making changes to your restaurant menu in Microsoft PowerPoint, you have to save it. Click File and then click Save as.

Print restaurant menu in PowerPoint

At this point, to access more printing options, you may want to convert the menu that currently exists as a PowerPoint presentation to PDF. Aspose PowerPoint to PDF Converter will come in handy here.

Alternatively, you print the menu right there in PowerPoint, go through File > Print. You will do well to review the print preview images before proceeding.

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