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Free online conversion, viewer apps for Microsoft Office, PDF and other file formats

Free online conversion, viewer apps for Microsoft Office, PDF and other file formats

September 1, 2018

Free File Format Apps - Free file format apps


We believe that doing simple operations with a file, like conversion and online viewer, should be free. And easy to use, without any clutter (Ads and sales stuff). So we built a bunch of free online applications at All of these are actually free. And you also get support in case you face any issue in our apps.

Easy and simple to use

Just upload your file and you are one click away to convert into your desired format or view it online. You will instantly get the file download link. PDF to Word conversion

Really free!! no email address or user account required

Yeah, you heard that right. We don’t want to get your email address and spam your mailbox. We don’t want to waste your time on filling the account registration form. You came here to convert or view a file, you get it straight away. And we don’t show Ads!!! Your convenience is our priority.

Apps for plenty of file formats

Popular file formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF are very well supported. You will be surprised to see other file types like Microsoft Project, Auto CAD, XPS, EPS, EPUB, Wavefront, 3D Studio, OneNote…. The list goes on. And we are constantly working on adding more file formats.

Apps for common use

We have online converters for almost all file formats. Whether you want to convert a PDF into an editable Word document or view a file online which you can’t open on your computer, you can use anytime. Other apps include scanning and creating barcodes, perform OCR and view/edit Metadata. That is just the beginning, we will be adding more apps soon.

See the list of all apps on our Products page.


If you have any trouble using the apps or get an error, leave us a message in forums and we will get back to you. You can also post suggestions, questions or feature requests there. we will try our best to answer your queries and solve any issues.

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You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+. Visit us, like us and share if you love our apps.

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