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An overview of the products

An overview of the products

September 4, 2018
product overview
You will find conversion, viewer and other tools for a variety of file formats. To serve you better, we have organized all the features into different product families. It is easier to navigate and find the desired app this way. Listed below is the list of all apps that are included in the first version of

Aspose.Words App Product Family

Microsoft Word DOC, DOCX and related file formats like TXT, Open Office ODT, XML etc are included in this release. You can convert these file types to PDF, Image, HTML etc using our conversion apps. Viewer for Word document app can be used to view these documents online, using any modern browser for desktop or mobile. View and edit the metadata of Microsoft Word and Open Office documents using our Metadata app. Finally, we have Watermark app, you can use it to add watermarks to your Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer documents.

Aspose.Cells App Product Family

As the name tells, you will find Spreadsheet apps here. Microsoft Excel XLS and XLSX, Open Office ODS Spreadsheet file formats are included. Aspose.Cells Conversion app can convert your Worksheets to PDF, HTML and other supported formats. Use Metadata app to view and edit metadata information for your worksheets. Add Watermark in your Excel files with our Aspose.Cells Watermark app. And view the worksheets online from any browser with Aspose.Cells Viewer app.

Aspose.PDF App Product Family

Here we have conversion, metadata editor, viewer, watermark and annotation apps for PDF file format. You can convert your PDF document to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS and other formats. View/Edit metadata of PDF files and download the PDF with updated metadata. With Aspose.PDF Watermark app, you can add watermarks in PDF documents. You can also add text annotations anywhere in your PDF file.

Aspose.Slides App Product Family

It includes conversion, viewer and metadata apps for Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) and Open Office Presentation formats (ODP).

Aspose.Email App Product Family

In this product family, we have mailbox conversion apps. You can convert between Microsoft Outlook mailbox formats PST to OST and vice versa. You can also convert Outlook mailboxes to MBOX and vice versa, MBOX format is adopted by popular free email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird. You can also convert email messages (EML and MSG) from one format to another. Aspose.Email Viewer is a web based online email viewer for EML and MSG files.

Aspose.BarCode App Product Family

You can generate different types of barcodes using Aspose.BarCode Generate product. Create Code39, Code128, PDF417, Datamatrix, EAN barcodes, Postnet etc. from any modern desktop or mobile browser. If you have an existing image that contains a barcode, use Aspose.BarCode Recognize app to scan the codetext. Just upload your image, it will try to recognize the barcode and display the codetext.

Aspose.Imaging App Product Family

Aspose.Imaging supports plenty of image formats like JPG, J2K, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG and more. Upload and convert these images to PDF, PSD or Raster image formats. You can also add watermark in your images with Aspose.Imaging Watermark app.

And there are still more product families, more apps for more file formats e.g. Microsoft Project (MPP, XML), Visio diagrams (VSD, VSDX), Microsoft OneNote (ONE), Autodesk (FBX), 3D Systems CAD (STL), 3D Studio (3DS), HTML, GIS files (GPS, KML), Postscript (PS, EPS) and many more. Please visit to view the list of all apps.

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