How to convert PDF to XLSX using free online services

PDF is very handy if you need to maintain the quality and formatting of the original document, no matter where it is viewed. However, since it cannot be edited without special tools, it often takes a lot of time to transfer data from such a file to an Excel spreadsheet. In this post we will talk about how to convert PDF document to XLSX.

Extract tabular data from PDF using Tabello

We can use Tabello in two ways: as a web application and as an extension of the Google Chrome. In both cases we are dealing with an interactive interface. To extract data we need to point an area with the data.

Extract tabular data using “PDF to Excel” converter

This yet another online PDF converter allows you to convert PDF into Excel spreadsheets. This converter supports “1-click converter” concept, so you need to upload file and wait until your data will be converted.

All pages from you document will be converted into one sheet.

All pages from you document will be converted into one sheet and it can be convenient if you have similar tables on different pages.

How to convert PDF to XLSX using Aspose.PDF Conversion

Aspose.PDF Conversion is a free on-line application which can convert PDF documents to various file formats. Like “pdf to excel” this converter also support “1-click converter” concept.

Unlike the previous converter, this one for each PDF page creates a separate sheet in the Excel spreadsheet. Aspose.PDF Conversion also preserves font decoration of the data.