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Sequential Image Processing

Sequential Image Processing

October 11, 2023

Process Your Image Sequentially Online

Image processing typically involves multiple sequential operations. Such image manipulations as cropping the initial images to specific parts, merging these parts into a single image, resizing the resulting image to a particular size, or even performing object detection on the image. You can seamlessly integrate this workflow with the Aspose.Imaging free online application family. Simply upload your images or photos to the online app and apply the available operations in any order you desire.

Crop images

You can kickstart your sequential image processing workflow with the Aspose.Imaging Crop app, which allows you to crop uploaded images. Choose the file and define the rectangular area you wish to crop in the displayed image. Once you are satisfied with the selected image portion, click the “Crop” button and proceed to select the next operation.

Start sequential image processing workflow with image crop operation
Select image area for cropping

Select next sequential image operation

Following the image cropping, you can either download the resulting images or proceed with the next available operation, such as conversion, compression, resizing, background removal, or any other operation. To proceed with the “Merge” operation, simply click on the corresponding icon.

Select next operation for sequential image processing
Continue editing images with another operation

Merge images

On the next page, you will find the images that were previously loaded. In the merging settings, you can choose the layout type for merging the cropped images, either vertically or horizontally. Additionally, you can align the images to the largest or smallest image in the set. Once you have configured the merging options to your satisfaction, you can proceed to the next step.

Merge images online
Merge two images horizontally

Resize merged image

In our workflow, the next step involves resizing the merged image. You can resize it by specifying the size as a percentage or by specifying the image width in pixels while maintaining the aspect ratio. Furthermore, you have the option to select the desired image resampling type and convert the image to a specific file format. Once you’ve configured these settings, you can either download the resized image or proceed with additional image manipulations.

Resize images online
Resize merged image

Object detection online

As the final operation, you have the option to attempt object detection on the resulting image using the Aspose.Imaging free online application. In the example below, we demonstrate the detection of objects labeled as ‘person’ within the image.

Detect objects on the image or photo online
Online object detection on merged image


Using Aspose.Imaging Applications, you can efficiently process your images online, performing sequential operations such as resizing, cropping, merging, image compression, conversion, and even object detection, choosing from a wide range of available options.

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