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No More Limits on eBook and Document Size

October 3, 2023

We are excited to announce that we have lifted the previous 10,000 character limit on ebooks and documents in our Aspose eBook TextToSpeech application at

What Does Our App Do?

Our free app, Aspose eBook TextToSpeech, empowers you to convert any text, Word, PDF, EPUB, or AWS e-book into speech within seconds (for larger books, it might take a few minutes). Whether it’s a short text or an extensive document, our app quickly transforms it into an audio file, narrated in a natural-sounding voice.

Why Convert Documents to Audio?

While the speech is AI-generated and may not match listening to a professionally made audiobook narrated by a great actor, you will still be pleasantly surprised by its listenability.

For many documents or smaller books the idea to convert them to speech and listen to while you are on the go can be a great time (and eyes) saver compared to reading.

Explore Speechise – Our Sister Startup

Don’t forget to check out our sister startup, Speechise, where you can interactively convert and play smaller fragments of text.

Give your documents a voice and experience the joy of listening!

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