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Converting XFA forms to an AcroForms

Converting XFA forms to an AcroForms

September 14, 2020

There are several ways to create fillable forms in a PDF document. Converting XFA forms to the AcroForms online is one of the ways to get a PDF document with form, which can be edited in Adobe Acrobat.

What is an XFA Form?

XFA (XML Forms Architecture) or XFA Forms is a product of Adobe Systems. As the name suggests, these forms are built from an XML specification and are usually stored inside PDF files.

XFA Forms are most used in enterprise application development. They provide a template that lets you fill in fields and determines the layout or appearance of the form.

XFA Forms provides data that enables businesses to create interactive forms. It also provides a template-based grammar that defines the fields into which the user can submit data. Using XFA Forms also brings benefits such as an efficient workflow, space for dynamic interactions, dynamic layout that makes forms automatically resize, and scalability.

We can create such forms using Adobe Experience Manager Forms. XFA Forms “break” Adobe’s Acrobat software, in the sense that Acrobat cannot be used to modify an Experience Manager-created document.  So, if you want to edit one, you should use the software mentioned above or convert the XFA forms to AcroForms. AcroForms are the original PDF-based fillable forms, based on the PDF architecture. XFA forms are XML-based forms, embedded inside a PDF.

How to convert XFA Forms to AcroForms

  1. Go to Aspose.PDF XFA Converter;
  2. Click inside the file drop area to upload PDF files or drag & drop PDF files;
  3. Your PDFs with XFA forms will be uploaded and will be converted to PDF with AcroForms. All layout and data will be preserved as in the original version;
  4. The download link of files will be available instantly after conversion.
  5. You can also send a link to the PDF file to your email address.
  6. Note that the file will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working after this time period.

For now, our converter will convert most PDF documents with XFA forms. Some exceptions were to be found with some documents that contain the Signature type field.

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