Aspose.Imaging Applications v. 21.08 release notes

Aspose.Imaging Applications release notes

We are pleased to announce that a new version of Aspose.Imaging Applications v.21.08 has been published.

Here is a brief description of new features and updates that this release brings:

  • Error2Forum dialog is integrated into all applications at the stage of uploading image files.
  • In Conversion and Watermark apps, thumbnails of images of uploaded user files have been added, which are displayed in the file tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug in Image Viewer application that allowed uploading files by drag and drop, ignoring the filter of valid file extensions.

Release notes history:

v. 21.07

v. 21.05

  • We have introduced a new Change Background application, which allows you to quickly remove or change the background in your images or photos;
  • Added terms of Service Notice to all applications;
  • Increased the reliability of the Conversion application by moving it to a separate server.

v. 21.03

  • Supported DICOM compression options in Image Compress app;
  • Added a section with user reviews to the Conversion app pages;
  • Added the GOTO TOP button to the app pages;
  • Fixed some styling issues for mobile devices.

2020 version history