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Free Online App to Create Wi-Fi QR Codes

Free Online App to Create Wi-Fi QR Codes

November 24, 2022

A QR code is a machine-readable pattern that consists of black and white squares. Such graphic codes can be scanned by smartphone cameras and are easy to use. QR codes benefit from high recognition speed and can store various types of data (text, numbers, URL links, and so on). The size of QR code images can be quite compact owing to high data density.    

In this article, we explain how QR codes can be used to share Wi-Fi settings. Aspose.BarCode provides a quick and simple way to generate Wi-Fi QR codes using the free online application based on the functionality implemented in the Aspose.BarCode API.

What Is Wi-Fi QR Code

Wi-Fi QR codes have the same properties and structure as basic QR codes. Their specificity relates to the format of the stored data. Such QR codes contain information about a network name, its type, optional password, and visibility. Upon scanning such a QR code, the scanner embedded in a user’s mobile phone launches the procedure of connecting a Wi-Fi network and processes the stored data to get access to this network. As such, users can connect to Wi-Fi networks in a matter of a couple of clicks using their mobile phones or other mobile devices.

Sample Wi-Fi QR Code

Where to Use Wi-Fi QR Codes

Wi-Fi QR codes are applicable to any type of network, including large unprotected networks intended for public use or small private ones protected by passwords.   With Wi-Fi QR codes, there is no need to search and then enter the network name and password or register using personal information. You can connect to a network just by pointing the phone camera or a QR code scanner app to the dedicated QR code, and the Wi-Fi connection will be set up automatically. Wi-Fi QR codes can be used to facilitate sharing Wi-Fi settings in many business and everyday applications:
–   Home Wi-Fi for relatives, friends, and guests
–   Corporate Wi-Fi for employees and visitors  
–   Public urban Wi-Fi for citizens and tourists
–   Wi-Fi in airports and train stations
–   Hotel Wi-Fi for guests and personnel
–   Wi-Fi for clients and personnel in the service sector: restaurants, bars, beauty shops, gyms, etc.

Aspose Free Wi-Fi QR Code Generator

Aspose.BarCode provides a free online application to generate Wi-Fi QR codes in a quick and simple way. It encodes the network data entered by a user in a QR code. Then, users can download the generated Wi-Fi QR code or print it out. This application is suitable for users with computer skills of any level. The interface of the application is simple and intuitive, as demonstrated in the image below.

 Interface of Wi-Fi QR Code Free Online App

How To Generate Wi-Fi QR Codes Using Aspose Free Online App

1. Open a browser and go to the application link 
2. Enter the name and the password of your Wi-Fi network exactly as in the router settings. If the network is unprotected, leave the password field blank
3. Select the network security type. If it is unknown, leave the default value “WPA/WPA2/WPA3”. If there is no encryption, select “None”
4. To indicate that your network is hidden, select “Yes”
5. To print out the generated QR code right away, click the “Print Wi-Fi QR Code” button. Then change the printing settings if required and click the “Print” button
6. To save the QR code, click the “Download Wi-Fi QR Code” button
7. To customize the size of the created Wi-Fi QR Code, use the predefined size settings or adjust them manually. Then select the desired output format from the list of supported raster and vector image formats. Click the “Download” button, and the QR code will get saved automatically
8. To create another Wi-Fi QR code, click the “Generate another” button  You can also check the demonstration video on Youtube that provides a detailed explanation of the steps to generate a Wi-Fi QR code

With the generated Wi-Fi QR code, you can connect to your Wi-Fi network by simply pointing your phone camera to it and then confirming that you want to launch a new Wi-Fi connection.

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